What are the seven styles of learning?

What is blended learning?

Over the past decade or so, ‘blended learning’ has become a common term in the educational field.

It covers any kind of curriculum where at least part of a student’s learning is done by them interacting with content and instructions on digital and online media. In most developed countries, it’s now a fundamental part of education.

The main advantages? Firstly, a student has greater control over when, where and how fast they learn. Secondly they have access to richer and more diverse forms of learning material.

While blended learning isn’t necessarily a new technique, there are always important new things to learn about it. Particularly with a solution such as WinjiGo, which is now bringing innovative aspects and key benefits direct to teachers and students. Here are three things to be particularly aware of…

  1. A ‘joined up’ approach reaps better rewards

The first thing to note about WinjiGo: it combines several techniques in the one platform.

Therefore it’s not just about blended learning: it’s also about flipped learning, inquiry-based learning and much more. This variety is vital. Firstly because blended learning works best when it’s just one of several learning techniques that students are using. And secondly because it works even better when all those techniques line up together: logically and smoothly, and ideally in one place – just like WinjiGo.

In short, WinjiGo makes blended learning a fully rounded and integrated part of the educational experience, not just a separate arm to it.

  1. Blended learning is becoming ever more sophisticated

The next main development in blended learning that WinjiGo brings to the mix is gamification.

For many age groups and for many levels of learning, gamification is fast becoming an indispensable technique. It broadens the potentials and possibilities of blended learning, so that it becomes an even more integrated and impactful technique. WinjiGo is right at the forefront of this trend.

  1. Access is essential

Like any form of digital learning, blended learning needs to be intuitive, easy to access and affordable – for student and institution alike. Anything else, and the ‘effort’ of blended learning can start to get in the way of the benefit.

WinjiGo delivers on this maxim, completely. It’s a highly affordable, user-friendly and universal platform, one that combines with Office 365, and requires minimal investment and administration.

Most important of all, students and teachers will find it straightforward and enjoyable to use: a fundamental but critical side to blended learning that not all solutions get right.

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