Tips for teachers in 2022 for online education

It’s critical to be interesting when teaching online in order for your pupils to pay attention. However, this will need some considerable planning on your part. Here are some tips teachers can use in 2022 for online education.

Make sure your course is well-structured and that the resources are well-organized

We believe that the most important thing we can accomplish is to make the course structure as cohesive and sensible as possible.” Attempt to give the course some structure, and then keep to it.” For that you can use WinjGO as well because it gives you the freedom to maintain and organize well.

Make use of audio and video

In-class instruction today frequently includes multimedia, such as slideshows and infographics, as well as PowerPoint decks and YouTube videos. Taking advantage of such technologies is critical while teaching online. Don’t be afraid to use audio and video recordings to break up your written communications in your own presentations. Complement readings with a variety of multimedia materials that appeal to kids who learn in different ways (always double-checking links ahead of time).

Engage with every student

You’ve seen them: the kids who sit in the back row, heads down, avoid eye contact, never voice an opinion, and appear to be checked out. On the other hand, there is no back row available online and you can easily track those students while using many tools on WinjiGo.

It’s simple to measure and track each student’s involvement, and given that posting activity often accounts for a large portion of a student’s mark, class participation is crucial. When a student doesn’t log in or post for a few days, I reach out to see if there’s an issue.

You must be present and active

Students might grow upset if answers aren’t immediately available to their questions and concerns. Regarding assignments, comments, grading, and other course difficulties, we must react fast to emails and forum postings. You can also give out mobile phone information so that kids may text or contact you if they have a critical issue.

Introductions and connections

Create a discussion forum in WinjiGo as soon as the course begins or even before, if feasible in which you introduce yourself and invite students to do the same. Find out where students reside, their class year, their major, any groups or organizations they’re a part of, their hobbies and interests, and so on by asking icebreaker questions. Some pupils may be acquainted with one another and create quick bonds. Inquire whether this is their first online class, and inform them that it is yours. Empathy is a two-way street. We can construct a “student lounge” area using WinjiGo’s Communication tools outside of the course modules where students may talk about School life and other courses they’re contemplating.

Help students to solve problems

Students will come to you with problems that extend outside the classroom, and it would assist if you can lead them to the appropriate resources. IT support, the registrar, the financial aid office, the library, academic style guidelines, and online tutoring and writing assistance are among the available resources.

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