How to unlock engagement and have a positive environment inside your classroom

Teacher explaning lesson using WinjiGo LMS

When discussing delicate topics related to mental health and wellbeing, creating a friendly and understanding learning environment is very vital. Teachers must do the following in order to offer a safe and interesting positive learning environment for students. WinjiGo is one of the greatest LMS’s that can help you to achieve your goals for creating positive environment while engaging with your students in classroom.

Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life situations

“When am I going to utilize this?” we’ve all heard it before. If you can answer this question, you’ll be able to engage kids with knowledge that they understand is important to their lives outside of school. To ground your teaching in “the real world,” use stories, case studies, and real-life examples from outside the classroom.

Engagement with your student’s interests

Find out what engages your pupils already and incorporate it into the learning process. Using mathematics as an example and for this purpose you can use “Gamification learning” by using WinjiGo, Pupils may monitor their progress in a video game over the course of a week. You might also ask your aspiring social media influencers to estimate their Instagram followers.

Group work and collaboration

Collaborating in small groups provides a nice respite from solitary bookwork for pupils. They’ll profit from each other’s viewpoints and skills to communicate their thoughts. When it comes to arranging group work, trust your instincts and your understanding of who gets along with whom. Allowing pupils to work with friends may provide the buzz you need for more productive activity, while engineering the groupings may prevent uncomfortable pairings.

Competition among students

To engage students in friendly rivalry, use in-class games, quizzes, or gamified learning LMS like WinjiGo for example, allows students to compete in real time against others in their class or from across the world. The term “friendly” comes to mind here. Make sure competitive events are low-stakes and focus on learning rather than winning.

Use mixed media

Present information in a variety of formats, such as video, audio, and digital resources. Using such technologically advanced resources is appealing for two reasons. It’s a refreshing difference from the heaps of paper that our children are used to, and it makes a direct and meaningful link to the digital world in which they live.

Learning through games

Outside of class, games are the most efficient way to keep students engaged, and they’re just as successful in the classroom. Include levels of difficulty, prizes, and competitive components to turn tasks into games. You can use WinjiGO app to help you creating those games.

You also don’t have to spend hours making up rules and setting up game boards. Gamified learning programs can help you save time and effort. For example, WinjiGo tool includes a variety of student-friendly games in the areas of mathematics, reading, and science. All you have to do now is choose the right curriculum for your pupils and provide them access.

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