How WinjiGo Helps to Develop 21st Century Skills

How WinjiGo Helps to Develop 21st Century Skills

The term of 21st century skills are a set of knowledge, skills, work habit, character behaviors which are believed by educators, college professors, employers and any sector that keen on tracking the ones progress. The skills that we have are very important to know how we can survive in any economic situation. Many skills are the information that we are taught over time. If we are lucky, our skills will lead us to bigger and better things.

WinjiGo designed to develop the learners’ skills throughout his/her entire educational life. WinjiGo provides “Course Leaderboard” which keeps learners engaged by displaying the top learners based on the number of badge points. Points can be awarded for both academic and non-academic achievements. Educators can monitor and improve learners’ 21st Century skills, including collaboration, by assigning point-based badges. Social by design, WinjiGo helps educators to easily keep track of each learner’s participations and provide the right support to steer them onwards.

For many, 21st century skills consist of different elements. These elements will enhance the way we learn as individuals. Each person may have several skills however, it is important for those skills to be mastered. If we can incorporate all of our skills and bring them into one place, we can realize the future we want. These skills are important for our learners because it helps them on the way to a better future. If we teach what we know to others, we are arming the next generation for greatness

WinjiGo covered the three important pillars of the 21st century skills to enhance the learner’s outcome (see description):

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

When a learner can think critically, it helps them to solve problems better and at a faster pace. Critical thinking is thinking out of the box to find solutions to problems. When we can find solutions to small problems, we can then find solutions to the bigger problems.

Creativity and Innovation

A creative person is an innovative person. It takes creativity and innovation to survive in a world that is technology savvy. Technologies evolve every day. For this reason an educator/ a learner needs to be able to develop creative innovative ideas to stay on top.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication is a key element to any successful venture. Whether it is work, school, or play, communication is needed. If there are no lines of communication, any kind of project will fail. It takes communication for two or more parties to be able to collaborate on any thing. When a learner collaborate, it is easier to accomplish set goals and objectives.


It is important to have all of these 21st century skills to survive in this century and all the future centuries to come. Our skills are what keep us on point with the changing world around us. If we cannot master our skills, we set ourselves up to fail. We have to keep our communications open, our creativity flowing so we can collaborate on the best innovations to come. Think positive about our future so we can solve the problems of the world around us.

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