How to design your classroom layout

How to design your classroom layout

Can you still remember where you sat in class? Who was next to you?

It’s amazing how many of us can. A classroom layout from decades ago can linger long in the memory – which just goes to show how important is to a teacher to get it right.

For this, there are countless factors to juggle. Dividing disruptive groups. Encouraging quieter students to contribute. Mixing up skill levels, or grouping them together. Creating collaboration-based layouts versus a ‘test’ environment…

Thankfully a solution like TeacherKit not only makes the vital task of layout design easy, it makes it enjoyable. Here are five key reasons why.

1  You can set up as many layouts as you need

With the ‘seating chart’ function on TeacherKit, you’re able to create and store numerous layouts, duplicate them, organise them with colours or codes and more.

The advantage: whether it’s for different subjects, different styles of classroom activity or more, slight variations in student make-up or more, this flexibility not only enables you to fine tune classroom dynamics for all kinds of purposes, it makes the task of remembering those permutations straightforward – in effect, you don’t need to, as TeacherKit does it for you.

2  Share these with your colleagues

Once it’s stored in TeacherKit, you can choose to share a classroom layout with any colleagues you wish. That’s ideal if a school frequently rotates teachers, or if a substitute is needed.

3  Benefit from simple cues

TeacherKit features a strong visual element – for good reason. A classroom layout that uses students’ photos can be instantly checked and referred to.

And again, if the layout is being accessed by a substitute teacher, then this simple feature makes their job even easier. TeacherKit even features ‘face detection’ to help make this as swift and simple as possible.

4  Keep layouts safe

No need to ever worry again about mislaying or losing a seating chart. Anything and everything you set up on TeacherKit can be backed up and reinstalled at any time using Dropbox.

TeacherKit also takes automatic backups daily to keep your data safe, and you can restore the backup anytime.

5  Link layouts to other student management techniques

Classroom layouts work best when they’re co-ordinated with things such as disciplinary records. Badly-behaved students can even be ‘punished’ by being made to forfeit a favoured place, for example, or high performers given the ‘best seat in the house’ for the week.

Because it enables a richness of different data types to be both kept and matched, TeacherKit helps you to add this type of student management to your layout approaches with absolute ease.

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