Egyptian Japanese Schools

During the first months of 2020 Covid emergency, in Egypt, public schools faced challenges in adopting distance learning quickly.

Egyptian Japanese Schools are Ministry of Education schools that incorporate elements of Japanese educational methods. Here, the transition to distance learning was fast and successful.

This success was due to some of WinjiGO’s competitive advantages and features: the live sessions are stable and reliable, the user face is extremely user-friendly, and there was a concerted effort to onboard teachers and school personnel.

But there was more: WinjiGO was adopted gradually, and not just as an emergency response to the new safety measures during the pandemic. It was already in place, and its scope just needed to be broadened to cope with the increased demand.

Our journey with Egyptian Japanese Schools started in 2018, when WinjiGO was implemented to manage students’ admission, as well as record behavior and grades. Also, parents and teachers started using their dedicated apps to keep each other updated. In 2019, the capabilities were expanded to include course planning on the individual teacher’s level, along with school-level monitoring of performance.

When the pandemic first hit, the schools’ management, already comfortable using the solution, decided to activate more features, vital in such time. This allowed the teacher to share materials, assign and track homework, assign grades, and also use more communication channels (i.e. the communication spaces).

With the gradual return to the normal, our collaboration with Egyptian Japanese School didn’t shrink or slow down, quite the opposite. The scope was widened to have a “Phase 2” remote learning, that includes central course planning and the management of live sessions.

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